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Pet Information
As the weather is getting warmer, it is time to think about fleas and ticks.  Fleas and ticks cannot only be a bother to your pet, they can also be a carrier of disease.  Fleas can transmit worms to your pet and also cause allergies.  Ticks can be a source of different infections and diseases like Lymes.  There are many products available now to help rid our furry family members of these common pests.
Tidbits of information

Did you know that secondhand smoke can affect our animals also.  Recent studies have shown that animals in house where the owners smoke have an increase in nasal cancers.  Animals can also develop lung infections, respiratory problems, and asthma.

Assemble a animal disaster kit including:  a supply of your pet's food, treats, water, vaccination records, medications, emergency numbers, your vets number, a toy and a extra leash.
Did you know that there is pet insurance available?  Pet insurance can help with routine costs plus those unexpected costs such as emergencies.  For more information visit the pet links and click on the veterinary pet insurance.